Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Layout Example with ExtJS MVC

       Here I am giving very simple but one step complex example compared to my last post hello world example. By reading/understanding this example you can learn real usage of layouts in ExtJS. I am trying to go one by one step for learning ExtJS. Please feel free to give any suggestions if you want to learn about ExtJS.

➟ About the Example

     I am giving brief explanation here about this example. Through this example, I want to provide some layout explanation (H-Box, V-Box, Border etc.) which are very popular and will frequently use in your Web Development. Along with this I also want to provide how to make server/remote call from ExtJS to fetch data. I used here Java-Servlet for fetching data but you can use do server/web-service call for this. I am listing some files in a simple grid which is coming from a server (here apache-tomcat). So here I am trying to integrate Java-EE with ExtJS UI.

➟ Pre-requirements

    To run this example successfully you need to manage these requirements.

     ➤ ExtJS library
         You can see about it here.

        You can see about it here.

    ➤ JSON Library for Java
        You can see about it here.

➟ Download demo

➟ Snaps


Sneha Pithadia said...

Pretty comprehensive article with details explained and clubbed in a effective way.
Good Work :) Got good solutions out of this :) Thanks

Vishal Zanzrukia said...

Thanks @Sneha :) It's always good to hear such nice words.:)