Friday, 22 November 2013

Hello world with ExtJS

    If you didn't download ExtJS library still, please read this. I am trying to give here a very small example in Ext JS. In this example there is one simple form with three fields. I am giving some important explanation about basic and necessary functions or objects of Ext JS.
    This is the same function like document.onload event in simple HTML. It will call once your html page is loaded. So if we are not following any MVC architecture while developing application using Ext JS, we have to write everything in this function, otherwise it may happen that in which div/body you are trying to render your Ext JS component, it's not rendered on the page.

→ Ext.create

    Whenever you will create a new object (already defined) of any Ext JS component, we will use this function. This function takes two parameters. 1. Full name of the component which you are trying to create as per given by sencha. 2. Parameters or configurations object.

    So now I am giving you my code snap as given below. I hope this will useful for Ext beginner..!!

 Hello World

→ Download demo, Live example

→ Snaps

Hello World with Ext JS


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Thanks for your good words prasant :)

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Having a nice and fantastic example for beginner. really feel happy by looking UI with less effort of writing a code...

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Thanks Keyur for your nice words :)